Why people keep coming back

Better ingredients
Better cookies.

Organic cookies made from ingredients in their most natural state

We are keeping it real with good ole organic flour that make some tasty cookies to please your tastebuds. No crazy food colorings, no crazy unicorn poop that looks good on Instagram but bad on taste. Just pure wholesome ingredients that make taste the king in our cookies.

Organic & free range eggs that provide better animal welfare.

The organic eggs that we source come from chickens that are fed only organic feed. This means the feed that is free of animal by-products, synthetic fertilizers, pesticides or other chemical additives as per USDA requirement.

The chickens are also required to be from cage free environments and be allowed to have space to roam around. We want our chickens to be happy!

Gimme that butter! If we could we would have butter as a form of currency, its that tasty.

Butter has been a staple of many countries spanning thousands of years, is loved worldwide, and is a primary ingredient in our cookies. We like our butter grass fed, a deep golden yellow color with a specific flavor profile that gives off a wonderful aroma once baked. The best cookies require the best butter to go along with it.

Organic Madagascar bourbon imparts the rich taste and flavor. Pour it on baby!

Did you know that vanilla is the 2nd most expensive spice right behind saffron? In 2018 vanilla beans was more expensive than silver by weight, at $600/kilogram. Due to the labor intensive nature of farming, cultivating, weather, and high global demand of vanilla it has seen significant increases in pricing. Real vanilla is far from plain, it makes everything taste better.

Organic chocolates with velvety smoothness. Whats not to love about chocolates? The more the better.

Back in the day of Mayan and Aztec times the cacao bean was used as a form of payment. Today, it is used to make the delicious chocolate. Based on the research done by Dr David Lewis of the University of Sussex, chocolate creates a better mental high than kissing............more chocolate please!

Organic cane sugar added in the right amounts without being too sweet, cause who likes getting smothered?

Did you know that sugarcane, which is used to make our cane sugar, is part of the grass family? These plants can grow between 6-20 feet in height. Most of the world's sugarcanes is grown in tropical and subtropical countries.