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Cookie Cake Delivery by Bang Cookies

What better way to celebrate  a special, bangin’ event than with a Bang Cookies cookie cake? Baked fresh with highest quality organic ingredients, this is the best birthday cookie cake you'll ever try. We deliver everything you love about the Bang Cookies collection straight into a fabulously frosty cake-form. Now that is one dynamic Bang. Create a Banging celebration with Bang Cookies chocolate chip cookie cake or peanut butter chocolate cake. The sweet sky is the limit! 

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Cookie Cake Delivery by Bang Cookies

Bang Cookies offers the best organic cookie cakes known to humankind. Celebrate any special occasion with a Bang Cookies birthday cake, such as the supple, bangingly briny, sea salt chocolate cake, the moist and mouthwatering double chocolate chip cake, or the mind-bending, melty smores cookie cake. Finally, have your cookie cake, and eat the whole thing. But don’t stop there. When you pick up one of our fantabulous cookie cakes, you can also snag some of our other tempting treats too. We mean, come on, Grandma only turns 100 once. We’ve got a plethora of Bang-tastic brownies for you to enjoy. So chocolatey and thick, you’d think you wouldn’t finish a whole tray (but not to worry, you will). And let’s not forget our cookies (um, it’s the second most important word in our name). Our crunchy, chewy, gooey and certified spewy cookies are manna from heaven. There are so many to choose from too, like our traditional chocolate chip cookies, our slightly savory peanut butter cookies, and a whole stack of nut cookies to drive you…wild. So order a couple of our heart and belly warming cookie cakes today, and grab some of our sundry bonus confections. Make every event a memorable one, and leave your guests full, happy, and rightly Banged. 

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What cookie cake flavors are available?

Bang Cookies bakes cookie cakes a variety of distinct cookie cake flavors, from the freshest all organic ingredients: iconic sea salt chocolate cake, nutty white chocolate macadamia cookie cake, or the savory, crunchy, chewy and sweet kitchen sink cookie cake.

How long will the cookie cake last?

All Bang Cookies cookies and brownies have a shelf life of 7 days. We know it may be a tough call to eat all the delicious, mouth-watering treats in one go, so make sure to store them in a freezer immediately upon receiving the delivery if you're planning to stretch out the pleasure - Bang Cookies baked products can last up to 2 months when frozen. To restore them from frozen to perfect, succulent, ooey gooey eating condition pop it in the oven preheated to 325F for 3-5 minutes (or 30 seconds in a microwave), and you're good to go!

Do you offer cookie cake delivery?

Bang Cookies offers local cookie cake delivery in the Jersey City area. You can order organic cookie cake directly through Bang Cookies website and have it delivered right to you, or you can pick it up in one of our physical store locations. We always bake the cookie cakes fresh to order, and have them delivered to you within 24hrs.