About Us

We Just Wanna Bang

Bang Cookies is dedicated to giving you, our loyal customer, the best cookie-gasm of your life. Created in 2016 by owner George Kuan, Bang Cookies is a luxe, all-natural, organic cookie company that was built as a response to run-of-the-mill, unsatisfying cookies. But don’t be fooled, our giant cookies are just as rich and sinfully delicious as they are #Instagrammable.

While we’re in a relationship with Jersey City, NJ, you can invite us over to your place when you order online. We ship to anywhere in the U.S. and guarantee our cookies will be in your mouth faster than you can swipe right. We’re dedicated to disrupting the cookie scene with an in-your-face attitude and attention-grabbing name that means exactly what you think it does. We will be your sugar daddy.

Our #mcm

Just like in dating, everyone has a set of standards that need to be met. Kuan was on the search for his perfect cookie (ladies he's still accepting applications!) when he realized the cookies on the market (yes, we're talking actual cookies now) were just not up to his discerning standards.

Standard #1 – Taste f#@%ing amazing. Period.
Standard #2 - Unbeatable quality. We’re talking A++ ingredients here, people!
Standard #3 – The result: a cookie so good it feels bad.

These standards, combined with a passion for food and his background working in restaurants and bakeries throughout NYC, are what helped Kuan launch Bang Cookies. His dedication to building the perfect product and to always putting his customers first are why you can trust us to give you a mind-blowing Bang every single time. 

Our Secret weapon

Not to brag, but we have a knack for turning normal, everyday people into stage-5 clingers. The DNA of our melt-in-your-mouth cookies is made up of the world’s finest organic ingredients. When it comes to making the most delicious cookies on the market, we’re committed to only using the best - like organic flour, cane sugar, dark chocolate, and grass-fed butter from New Zealand. Combined with Kuan’s recipe, which combines the perfectly crispy, crunchy exterior with the ooey, gooey melt in your mouth center you crave, is why our cookies are guaranteed to bring you pleasure whenever the mood strikes. Bored at work? Get Bang'd. Bad date? Get Bang'd. We’ll be the sweetest thing you’ve had in bed all year.