About Us

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Christina's Gourmet Cookies store is located at 991 S. Main St., Plantsville, CT 06479. We cater to both private clients and businesses alike. We use the highest quality ingredients to satisfy even the most discriminating cookie connoisseur!

About the Pineapple:

In Colonial America, settlers visited each other as a means entertainment and sharing information, and the concept of hospitality was born. While fruits were common staples of household gatherings, the pineapple was a rarity — especially an uncut, fresh one. It became a centerpiece of important, special feasts. To obtain this fruit for the enjoyment of one's guests was the epitome of hospitality.

We chose the pineapple as a symbol for Christina's Gourmet Cookies to illustrate our commitment to be a part of your fond memories of food, family, friends and good times!